Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk-and-talk therapy, sometimes referred to as hiking therapy, is a mindfulness-based therapy where sessions take place outdoors. It can occur in a public park or on nearby trails. This alternative therapeutic approach infuses the benefits of fresh air and exercise into the therapy session.

What does walk and talk therapy look like?

As the name describes, clients talk with me while walking outdoors rather than sitting down in a therapy office. Walking side-by- than sitting face-to-face, enables some clients to feel more comfortable when sharing in the therapy process. Your walk-talk experiences are created just for you and reflect your goals, interests, and state of being at the time we meet. You’ll set the pace and I’ll follow your lead. This is not an exercise session.

Walk-talk therapy requires an initial intake counseling session conducted in-office or via an online therapy format. This type of therapy is not appropriate for everyone. It is important to note that your health insurance will not cover walk andtalk therapy. As such, it is considered an out-of-pocket expense. The fee for a 50-minute Walk & Talk Therapy session is $150.00.

What are the benefits of walk and talk therapy?

Research increasingly supports the idea that emotional and physical health are linked closely, as well as that therapy can improve overall health status. Walk and talk therapy represents a holistic approach to mental health that encourages increased physical activity, which can potentially lead to improved physical and mental health outcomes.

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